Online video courses, live online classes on share market in Bengali Hindi English

Online courses on share market & share trading in Bengali, Hindi & English Language. There are few types of online courses on stock market.

  1. Live Online Classes
  2. Online Video Courses
  3. Online Video Course + Few Live Classes

We conduct all these three types of online courses on Indian stock market. Our online video course subscribers can also call us to clarify anything about our course

Share Trading Online Courses

A) Course 3 in 1 : technical + Intraday + swing trading in a single combined online course on share market

Intraday Trading, Technical Analysis, Swing Trading online course in Bengali by Bikram Choudhury
Intraday Trading, Technical Analysis, Swing Trading online course in Bengali

B) Technical 4 Beginners- share technical analysis online course

Online Course on Share Technical Analysis (Mobile friendly course in Bengali on Indian stock market& share trading)
Online Video Course in Bengali on Share Technical Analysis (Mobile firendly)

A stock market technical analysis online course in Bengali language.

Technical 4 Beginners Course Details :

  • Online Video Course
  • Duration : 6 Hours +
  • Each video length : 15 to 20 minutes
  • Whole course is divided in many videos
  • You can watch the course videos as many times you want.
  • Optional Extra Classes : If you want you can join few extra Online Live Paid Classes on share trading, if you want.

Online Share Trading Course Video

Live online classes on trading

How to earn from Indian stock market has been shown in the following video and how to attend our online classes on Intraday trading, futures and options trading shown in the following YouTube video in Bengali language. For courses and course fee call us 9163111390