BikramChoudhurys share market courses are best stock market courses in India for the beginners. These stock market courses on Option Trading, Stock Trading, Currency Trading, Futures Trading designed for the beginners to stock market. You may start share trading after learning a proper share trading course even after passing Higher Secondary examination or 12th Standard. Online Share Trading Courses also available for remote students in India or abroad with respect to Kolkata.

The full course details on “How to Trade in Indian Stock Market” to earn money quickly has been shortlisted below. All the following share trading topics are taught by our Stock Market Teachers in Kolkata.

A. Intraday Trading Course – How to trade online

How to buy and sell stocks in the same day and book profit.

B. Delivery Trading Course – How to trade online

Delivery trading is the safest type of trading, buy today and sell anytime from tomorrow. Its the mostly used trading scheme.

C. Swing Trading Course on Stocks – How to trade

The most effective trading type, buy stocks , book profit after selling at higher price. It may take few days to few months. Normally considered less than a year time frame.

D. Options Trading Course on Stocks and Index

The Options Chain to trade options

Options trading is a more difficult type of trading scheme should be done after learning normal stock trading. It is more risky type of trading should be done with care. Return is very high and risk also too high.

E. Futures Market Course – how to trade futures

In our stock trading course we also teach how to trade futures in futures market.

F. Short selling course in Stock market

Short selling concept is very popular among the traders of stock market for quick money when market or stock price is falling.

G. Opening a DMAT account – for live trading

We shall also guide you to open a DMAT account in a popular share broking firms if you donot posses one such account.

H. Live trading beside learning

To experience the test of share trading we always advice our students to buy stocks after few initial theory classes. This is treated as the practical trading. If classes are conducted on Saturday or Sunday then we show past live examples of trading.

G. Technical Analysis Course on Stock Market

Technical analysis tells us the condition of the trend of a stock in Share market. It tells us whether a stock should be bought or to be sold now. It tells us the perfect timing to trade and it is the most important guide to trade stocks.

H. Learn various Index in share market

There is lots of indices in Indian stock market and global stock markets and they have various roles on stock price movement. In our courses we provided brief idea – on various index.

I. Trading in Index options and future contracts

We also teach our students how to trade on various Indian Index related to stock market specially for options and futures contract.

J. Forex Trading or Currency Trading Courses in India

If you want to trade in various International currency, learn currency trading courses in Kolkata also called Forex Trading or FX. You can do currency trading in a very low budget.

Disclaimer :

Share trading in Indian stock market are subject to Market Risk. Stock price or index price movement in options or future market varies regularly. We only conduct educational level trading using our own trading account, which does not involve large amount of money. The students should practice share trading in their own trading account. Also we do not promote any particular stock or future or options contract to buy or sell. The trading done by our students during the course is only for educational purposes so that they can trade themselves without getting involved in big losses. Our teachers or course moderator Mr B Choudhury does not force anybody to buy or sell any particular stock or options. The students should be responsible for any profit or loss incurred in their own DMAT account. Any teachers of should not be responsible in any way for any kind of monetary profit or loss of our students.