Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer about our course, videos & tutorial articles : All the viewers of our courses,websites, YouTube Channel & social media pages should obey the following terms and conditions.

  • Share trading in Indian stock market are subject to Market Risk. Stock price or index price movement in stock options or future market varies regularly. We teach how to trade in stock market to get profit avoiding losses.
  • But we never provide any guarantee that following our advices you should get direct profit in your own trading account and you are free to use the trading techniques stated by us at your own risk.
  • We are not a financial advisory to invest in stock market. We don’t take money from people to maintain a portfolio. Or we never provide any financial advise for stock market investment based on monetary benefit.
  • We also not a stock broking firm or broking house in stock market and also we are not stock brokers & we donot have any tie up with any broking firm.
  • We educate people in various ways so that they donot lose their hard earned money in stock market.
  • We only conduct educational level trading using our own trading account, which does not involve large amount of money & our main target is to teach students on share market and educate students about different share trading techniques and avoiding losses, so that they can trade themselves independently. The trading done by us & shown to students during the course is for educational purposes only.
  • The students should practice share trading in their own DEMAT accounts using their own money. The students should be responsible for any profit or loss incurred in their own DEMAT accounts. The students should always be responsible for their own money earned / lost in their own trading accounts and should have sufficient financial backbone to trade in stock market.
  • We never recommend anybody to buy or sell any particular stock or any particular options or futures contract.
  • Any teacher of bikramchoudhury.org DOMAIN or bangla.bikramchoudhury.org subdomain, facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MrChoudhurysStockMarketTraining/ & YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/BikramsShareMarketTradingCourses should not be responsible in any way for any kind of monetary profit or loss of our students/website viewers/social channel viewer or subscribers following our strategies as we do not promote any such particular strategy to follow or also we don’t force to buy sell any particular stock or future or options contract. Everybody should use any such strategy at their own risk.
  • We donot provide any guarantee on profit making because it depends on individual’s capability & experience. Also we do not claim any commission from our students profit & we don’t provide BUY SELL tips messages over email, SMS or WhatsApp.

All the students willing to follow our courses/videos / tutorial articles should obey the above mentioned rules and regulations. If they want any kind of guidance in stock market we are ready to help free of cost.