Intraday Trading

Intraday Trading Tutorial 1

Intraday trading strategy for share trading. explained by stock market teacher Bikram Choudhury, Kolkata India. How to trade in Intraday or Day trading

This is a tutorial on Intraday trading to get the idea on when to buy and sell stocks in same day to book profit, when to short sell, and when to revert your position. Its a clean day for short sell first and then buy the same stock and ride in a rally in same day.

Intraday Trading : When to buy-sell to book profit

I have shown when to buy, when to take BUY or SELL entry in the Intraday trading because it is a clear cut day for Intraday trading on Asian Paints stock.

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There is nothing fixed in day trading, which is now moving down, may change direction any time.

Intraday Trading Chart – Asian Paints (When to buy, shown by black star point)
  • If you look at this 15 minutes chats, at the left you will see yesterday’s chart of 23rd July 2019 and Todays chart of 24th July 2019 candlestick graph shown at right.
  • So on 24th July 2019 the price starts below the highest price point of yesterday 23.07.2019 which is called Yesterday HIGH.
  • Today 24 th July after 9.15 AM when market opened, Asian Paints stock price started to fall. Market starting point shown by a thin arrow and after market opening the Asian paints stock price has fallen constantly upto 1 p.m.

So in this period (9.15 to 1 PM) you will see that gradually price is falling and you can sell (short sell) at some intermediate time after 10AM. Upto 10 AM you should observe the market.

So this is your sell signal at 1420 level

  • You have watched that price is falling, so you watched closely first 30-45 minutes after 9.15 AM market opening time, then take entry and short sell, i.e sell the stock (any quantity you like). After 10 points you buy it. i.e Buy at Rs 1410 level.
  • But suddenly after 1 p.m. the market reverted its direction & started to go up for Asian Paints stock and a sudden rise in price is seen and it reached the open price of today Rs 1430 level and then crossed yesterday high Rs 1441 level.
  • The price gone higher like a rally it all happened in same day; after 1:30 PM it reached price level Rs 1441 which was yesterday’s HIGH value and now it is going to cross it.

Trend reversed : its a buy signal now

  • So it is your entry point to buy the stock & take the ride of upward journey of the stock and entry point shown by a black star in the image. The upward trend of the stock has been shown by light green arrow.

How much quantity you should buy ?

  • I cannot tell you that, You can buy 1 stock to 1000 quantity stocks. It will cost 1441 Rs to 14,41,000 Rs.
  • You should buy at this value Rs 1441. After buying you can put some stop loss below that level somewhere between Rs.(INR) 1425 – 1430 whatever you think suitable for you and how much loss you can take, as per your budget.
  • It’s really a clear cut heavy intraday rally, started from 1400 Rs and ended 1483 Rs , 83 Rs higher.

It crossed yesterday’s high and it gone much higher so after buying at the price level 1441 to 1445 you can sell at 1475 to 1480 Rs level to book profit.

You can take profit of Rs 30 to 35 per share. For 100 shares buy sell you can earn Rs 3000 to 3500 in a day by Intraday Trading.

At the end of the day closed at 1483 level. So it was a big intraday trading day for Asian Paints stock, not everyday this happens, but once in a week you can get it on any stock, a good quality stock.

By Bikram Choudhury


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