Learn Technical Analysis Courses on Indian Stock Market. Learn how to trade in stock market using charts, bar chart, candlestick charts, techncial indicators and many more. Stock market teachers from Kolkata conducts live online technical analysis course on Indian Stock Market (NSE/BSE).

Why technical analysis is necessary for share trading?

  • When to buy a stock and when to exit from it.
  • By technical analysis you can assume whether the stock price will rise or fall in near future.
  • How to trade with chart patterns : OHLC Bar Chart, Candle Stick Chart patterns, line graphs.
  • How to trade using various technical indicators like MACD, Moving Average, Stochastic RSI, EMA, DEMA, SMA etc.
  • Identify support and resistance level.
  • Learning Technical Analysis has become a traders tool for long time.

Technical analysis tells us about the trend of a stock. It tells us whether a stock should be bought now or shall I wait or shall I sell it now. It tells us the perfect timing to trade.

Learn Candlestick Chart Analysis

  • Bullish candlestick charts
  • Bearish candle stick charts
  • Multiple candlestick chart patterns.
  • Single candlestick patterns and ..
  • Different examples on candle stick charts
  • How to trade Intraday using Technical Analysis

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