Frequently asked questions on Stock market trading

Your earning potential in stock market

It can be 10% to 30% in a month, even 50% in 3 months. Forget about Fixed deposit or MF / Mutual funds, they cannot be compared to share market.

How much return you can get in a day from stock market?

  • 50% return in a day : How to get 50% return in a day using Share trading account. E.g Earn Rs 2000 by investing Rs 4000 in a day.
  • 5X return in a day : you can earn Rs 1000 by investing only Rs 200 in a day. 500% or 5X return in a day.
  • The above are not marketing gimmicks , they are very possible in a day if implemented properly.

How much can you loose in a day?

All your hard earned money can be eaten up by stock market in a day. At least 25% to 50% is very normal if you become too greedy..