Share Market Training Courses in Kolkata & online stock market course for India. Learn to trade in stock market, learn intraday trading, F&O future & option trading. Build your fortune after proper learning.

Learn How to Earn by Stock Trading

Believe it or not, you can earn money from Share Market without any permanent investment, that’s the beauty. Ofcourse you can invest money in stock market too with the target- “I am investing now to get more”. Just different ways to earn money shown below:

No Investment

Intraday Trading

Buy and Sell some quantity of shares in a day. No permanent Investment required. You can Earn Rs 2000-5000 easily in a day.

Investment Required

Delivery Trading

When you have money to hold stocks use this trading scheme for 1 day to few years later. Earn Rs 10000-15000(INR) in a month

Delivery trading can be sub divided also:

Short Term Investment

Swing Trading

Good Trading Scheme. You buy today and hold it for 7 days- few month and then sell it. Get your invested money back with profit.

Long Term Investment

1 – 10 Years

You invest some money as per your budget for long term like a Fixed deposit in bank. To get double or 50% return of Investment.

First educate yourself in share market otherwise your hard earned money will goto others bank accounts. Don’t depend on buy sell tips/ sms/ whatsapp messages to buy or sell stocks, rather take time to educate yourself to trade and earn millions & crores for the rest of life.

Why I should learn Share Trading?

To avoid big loss. When your trading goes in opposite direction.
How to survive from loss.
Learn to Earn from Share Market when share price is falling

How to save your money in stock market, learn money management in share market
Learn Money Management – How to save your capital

Our first word is : Maximize your profit & minimize your losses. Beside learning different trading techniques which shows you the ways to earn from stock market, but it is equally necessary to save your capital amount.

Trading is Buy & Sell stocks !!

Money is flying in Indian stock market everyday. Most persons come to stock market without education and see that money is going away. Learning the stock market trading is highly necessary.

Share Market Courses For Beginners

It is the beginners course on share trading in Indian stock market, future & options market, also called derivatives market. If you are confused about so many markets focus on stock market.

Without knowledge new Traders make Losses

If you come to stock market without learning be prepared to make losses. 90% new traders are losers. 10% stays as no profit and no loss state. So if you think I shall start to trade tomorrow and earn big, it might be opposite.

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About earning money in stock market

Share trading is one of the quickest way to earn money. But it is also a ruthless market to eat all your hard earned money. The first thing is you need to learn how to trade in Indian stock market to earn money quickly as well as how to protect your money in Stock market.


First know the market, how it behaves

There is no stability in stock market, it goes up now to fall down in future just like waves. You have to learn strategy to float wisely without getting drowned in huge loss.

If you know how to trade online in stock market then you can earn money very quickly. But not from the very first day.. experience matters.


There are various ways of trading in stock market, you have to learn all or some of them to trade properly.

Different ways to trade

Different ways to trade in Share Market to earn money quickly by trading online.

  • Intraday Trading : Buy and sell a stock in same day.
  • Options and Futures : Also called derivatives
  • Delivery Trading : Buy / sell on different dates
  • Currency Trading: Trading on currency market
  • Commodities Trading: Trading in commodity market
  • Visit this page on the basics of share trading

Learn Share Market Course

Before starting share trading you should learn the following course, otherwise you may face huge losses if you start trading based on other persons. Start to educate yourself first in share market before your first trade in stock market.

  • Technical Analysis
  • Online Share Trading
  • Opening DMAT account
  • Start trading using the account
  • Add money for trading and withdraw money after obtaining profit.
  • When to buy a stock
  • When to leave a stock and sell it.
  • Short Selling
  • How to trade in options market
  • Hedging to save money
  • Different theory of options and future market
  • For more detail visit this page on our stock market course,

Who can trade in Indian share market

  • Stock trading could be the best work from home type job for a housewife.
  • Even a student or retired person can learn share trading for extra income.
  • Even if you are in service and involved in 8 to 12 hours job then you can earn some extra cash from stock market by investing wisely.
  • Anybody who posses a PAN / Aadhar card can start share trading.

The amount you need to start share trading

  • The large capital always help to trade in big way.
  • But a small capital can be very effective.
  • 5000 to 10000 Rs is sufficient to learn share trading.
  • For the beginners the first 2-3 months undergoing a share trading course is very crucial, there is high possibility to loose money because of greed and aggressive trading sentiment.
  • So to start learning stock market trading a small capital like 5K to 10K Rs is enough.
  • It will take 6 months to 1 years to understand stock market.

Different ways to trade in Share Market to earn money quickly by trading online.