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Intraday Trading, Technical Analysis, Swing Trading online course in Bengali by Bikram Choudhury
Intraday Trading online course in Bengali with Technical Analysis

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Learn Intraday Trading in Indian Stock Market from Bikram Choudhury, Kolkata India. Phone 9163111390
Learn Intraday Trading in Indian Stock Market from Bikram Choudhury, Kolkata

Intraday Trading Course Content

Day Trading

Course Content

  • How to trade practically
  • DMAT accout opening
  • Full Technical Analysis Course for Intraday Trading
  • Support Resistance Candlestick charts, Moving averages etc.
  • Stop loss placement
  • Intraday to delivery
Intraday Option Trading

Course Content

  • How to trade options?
  • DMAT accout opening
  • Full technical analysis course included
  • Support Resistance Candlestick charts, Moving averages etc.
  • Option Greeks & Strategies
  • Option Trading Theory

What is Intraday Trading: Intraday trading is to buy and sell stocks in the same day and book your profit. There is no permanent investment in Intraday Trading.

How much you can earn by day trading on stocks?

With little money you can earn Rs 2000-5000 easily in Intraday Trading

How much you can earn by Intraday Options Trading?

For every proper trade on average you can earn around 5000-6000 Rs at least every day. Some days you can earn 10000-20000 Rs per day on Intraday options. Learn options trading for beginners in India

Why you should opt for Intraday Trading?

Intraday Trading is helpful when you are in shortage of money, you cannot buy a stock & hold it, because you do not have too much money to buy stocks. By Intraday Trading you can buy stocks and after few minutes/hours you sell the stocks in the same day & book your profit.

I have not much money, how shall I buy stocks costing 1 Lac Rs?

Most good broking firms provide 15 times margin, so that by paying 10000 Rs you can buy 150000 Rs worth stock in same day and then sell it later in same day. To hold the stocks for few days you need money.

There are two types of Intraday Trading techniques.

(1) Intraday stock buy & sell : First you buy the stock and later sell it in the same day.

(2) Intraday short sell : first sell the stock without having it, i.e you have not bought it but sold it first. Then to balance a trade you have to buy it later in the same day within trading hour. The second type of trading is called short selling.

Short selling (Intraday) in stock market explained

Stock price going down – still you can earn money. Say today some share Infosys price is falling steadily.

  • When market started it was 750 Rs, at 9.15 AM.
  • At 9.30 AM : share price 945 Rs
  • 10 AM : share price 938 Rs.
  • 2PM : share price is 920 Rs.
  • So, at the very beginning of the day, if you sell Infosys 100 shares (at 9.30 AM) and buy it at the end of the day (say at 2PM) you shall earn 945 – 920 = 25 Rs per share.
  • You need to buy same quantity of share.
  • Your profit 945-920 Rs X 100 = 2500 Rs in a day by short selling.

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