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Learn Future & Options Trading Course in Kolkata & online option trading live classes for India . Learn option trading strategies for beginners and advanced level options trading course for professional traders.

Best way to learn options trading is to start with risk reward of options trade, options trading strategies, option theory, option chain, option greeks like DELTA GAMMA THETA RHO VEGA. **These are normal stock and Index options in Indian stock market, not Binary Options (Bitcoin), that is separate game.

Option trading provides unimaginable return of investment, so risk is high too. You can earn 30% to 50% profit in a day or 100-200 % profit in 7-15 days if you make right trade. If not you lose your premium.

Why options trading called Unlimited Profit with Limited Risk

  • Option & Futures are traded on huge number of stocks (e.g 1200 Infosys shares or 3000 SBI shares), so you earn very quick.
  • On average you can earn 4000 to 10000 INR (Rs) Profit in a day by investing 10000 to 30000 Rs.
  • Profit excludes investment.
  • You get your invested amount + profit.
  • For wrong trade you can lose 4000 to 10000 Rs premium in a day.

When you are eligible for Option Trading ?

  • If you have good technical analysis skills and you know the levels to buy sell then go for Options Trading (or Futures) to get good amount of money in very short time.
Learn futures & options trading courses in Kolkata, online options trading courses for India
Learn futures & options trading courses in Kolkata, online options trading courses for India

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How much money you can easily earn in options trading has been discussed in this page. View the videos one by one to learn how much money you can get by Options trading in a day, in few days. How you can achieve 100% profit in 40 minutes, sometimes in 7-10 days.

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